Yoga & Kayak

by the Fjord

May 22-24, 2020

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Workshop Yoga & Kayak

We are very happy to announce that we will co-create a workshop in Yoga & Kayak by the fjord in Ofredalen together with Katrin from Yomasofi.  The yoga instructor Katrin will take us through a weekend of Anahata Yoga. If the weather is nice and warm we can take the practice outside in spectacular surroundings. With the sound of waves and the flowing river nearby, this will be a weekend of cleansing and new energy.

About Anahata:

Anahata Yoga is about leading with your heart. By focusing inwards we become more attentive to our body, and we can find love for both our self and for others. We open up blocks and seek a free flow of energy. Through soft movements we can tone the body from the inside and achieve better sirculation, breathing, energy, vitality and creativity. We allow the body to heal itself and understand the potential of our bodies. By taking responsibility for our own well being, we get stronger both physically and mentally.

Bring warm clothes and warm socks to put on at the end of each class. Katrin will bring the rest of the equipment we need for yoga.


The combination of yoga & kayaking is perfect. Kayaking is an activity that goes well with being present, breathing and moving, so combining yoga with kayaking is a very satisfying experience. You can also try our SUP-boards if you want to. We provide you with experienced instructors. 

You can choose between:

1) an introductory course to kayaking (3-4 hours) (incl a sertificate)

2) a guided trip (3-4 hours)


Accommodation in the historical buildings by the fjord in Indre Ofredal. This used to be the centre of trade in earlier times, and there is an old sawmill here that is being restaured. The history of this place is very interesting. We share meals and activities together. 


Katrin wants to inspire us to make healthy choices for our selves also when it comes to what we eat, so during this weekend you will learn about food that is good for your body. The Menu will mainly consist of vegan & vegetarian food. Katrin is the chef, but we prepare the food together and enjoy the meals together.


The Menu will be updated soon. You can expect 6 meals from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. Feel free to bring your own food if you need anything extra.

 *Let us know if you have allergies/special needs. You can bring your own food if you have serious allergies.


NOK 4200,- per person incl food, accommodation Fri-Sun, yoga/meditation & kayaking



Don`t hesitate to ask if you have questions. The purpose of this workshop is to be close to nature, do yoga and kayaking. 

10 spots - sign up by contacting us by email or phone HERE